Travelling to our neighbouring countries with Christa Rigozzi.

We’re accompanying Christa on her train journeys to Germany, Austria and Italy. Whether you’re travelling as a private or business customer, travelling by train will get you to your destination comfortably, quickly and directly. Follow our episodes and join Christa as she experiences the benefits of travelling to bordering countries by rail.

Episode #stress.

Christa is travelling to Germany. The free WiFi on the ICE trains from Switzerland means she can make the most of her travel time in comfort. In 1st class, there is even unlimited WiFi.

You can skype, chat, communicate, work with a reliable connection and arrive feeling relaxed. On ICE trains you call the shots: in the mobile zone, you can use the boosted signal to make calls and in the quiet zone you can relax without being disturbed.

Travelling in 1st class on an ICE train: a superb atmosphere, more room, relaxation and comfort.

  • Seat reservation included.
  • Catering service at your seat and free newspapers from Germany onwards.
  • Power sockets by every seat/pair of seats.

Travelling in 1st class on Railjet services.

  • Leather seats that you can adjust individually, with plenty of leg room.
  • Catering service at your seat; you can order online via Railnet.
  • Free newspapers from Switzerland onwards, with a wide selection of newspapers and magazines in the Railnet portal.
  • Power sockets by every seat.
  • Quiet zone.
  • Reading lights at your seat.

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