ÖBB Nightjet: A perfect dream of economical travel.

With the ÖBB Nightjet, the night train service from Austrian Federal Railways, you can travel in comfort and safety overnight to Germany and Austria from 11 December 2016. You’ll save on hotel costs and arrive rested and ready to enjoy your day. Tickets can be booked immediately (online from 28 October).

You can sleep soundly during the journey, whether in the sleeping car, the couchette car or the seating car. The next morning you’ll arrive at your destination – right in the heart of the city – rested and relaxed.

The train team will be on hand at all times to take care of safety, a peaceful night and good service, making your journey as pleasant as possible.

Offers are available at all SBB sales outlets or online www.nightjet.comLink opens in new window..

You’ll find more information at www.nightjet.com Link opens in new window.


Whilst you sleep, the ÖBB Nightjet takes you safely to your destination. Daily connections on the ÖBB Nightjet:






Travel categories.

Travel economically in a seating car, spend a comfortable night in a couchette car or enjoy the relaxation of a sleeper berth: the ÖBB Nightjet offers several travel categories for you to choose from. Whether you are travelling alone, as a family or in a group, you’re sure to find the best option for you.

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