Potsdam – the Baroque royal seat.

Prussian palaces and Dutch brick houses. Discover the gardens which compete with those of Versailles.

When you arrive in Potsdam, crossing the river Havel brings you face to face with the first two sights of the city. On the right-hand side rise the enormous Potsdam City Palace and the Protestant Church of St. Nikolai, the imposing dome of which is a real eye-catcher.

The most famous building in Potsdam is the Hohenzollern palace of Sanssouci. The Prussian palaces and gardens – of which this palace is one – are very centrally located and can be reached by bus from the railway station within ten minutes.

Arriving by ÖBB Nightjet leaves you enough time to relax and enjoy the great diversity of the Havel’s picturesque lake landscape.

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