Our employees reveal secret tips.

Less well-known seaside resorts, hidden beaches, ideas for going out and more: our employees give away their personal tips.

Vietri sul Mare, Italy. This is a less well-known seaside resort on the Amalfi Coast, where you will find beaches, vineyards and plenty of ceramics. In Vietri sul Mare, I especially appreciate the traditional cuisine and the original way of preparing fish, which is simple and authentic.

Alfonso D’Ambrosio

Marketing International

Toulon, France. Superb beaches, impressive cliffs and forests for hiking: this is what you’ll find in Toulon. Incidentally, I enjoyed the best baguettes I have ever tried there.

Alessia Gallo

Market Management International.

Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy. Taking the train to the picturesque coastal town is an unforgettable experience with children too. The sea is still warm in autumn and you have the sands almost to yourself. No wonder the nearby town of Castellabate with its castle has provided a backdrop for many films.

Doro Engels

Marketing International.

Lübeck and Travemünde, Germany. The “marzipan city” of Lübeck is surrounded by the River Trave and looks like a fortress with its many towers. Just a short distance away is Travemünde on the Baltic Sea, a perfect starting point for exploring the city and the beach as the mood takes you.

Werner Ebert

Market Management International.

Le Trayas, France. Small but fine bathing bay, typical southern French towns and blooming gardens await you at this small resort on the Côte d’Azur. I particularly loved the contrast between the reddish hills of the impressive Esterel Mountains and the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Lia Batschelet

Marketing International.

Zeeland, Netherlands. You reach picturesque Zeeland directly by train from Amsterdam. A visit to the kilometres of wild beach on the north of the Walcheren Peninsula is essential.

Matteo Spiller

Market Management International.

Amrum and other North Sea Islands, Germany. The North Sea islands can also be described as the Frisian Caribbean! A truly special experience is yoga on the beach or on a dyke, such as on the island of Amrum. Incidentally, it is also easy to combine these holidays in nature with a city trip to Hamburg or Bremen.

Julia Dreger

Marketing International.

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