SBB tickets are now available straight from Alipay.

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Switzerland increased year on year until the start of the coronavirus crisis. To make travel by public transport even more straightforward for these customers, we have created an SBB mini program on Alipay, the large Chinese e-commerce app.

This new mini program offers everything our visitors from the Middle Kingdom need. They can buy their tickets straight from the app, get inspired by our leisure activity tips and plan their train and bus journeys to our country’s more beautiful holiday destinations using the Swiss public transport timetable. They can do it all via Alipay, quickly, personally and securely, and without needing a separate app.

If the customers plan to make a lot of journeys by public transport on their visit to Switzerland, it is worth buying them a Half Fare Travelcard – and they can get this in the SBB mini program too.

If you want to take a look at the new SBB mini program on Alipay as well:

then either scan the QR code below

Benutzen Sie Alipay um diesen QR-Code zu scannen und das Mini Programm zu betreten/zu öffnen

or look for SBB in the Alipay mini programs.

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