With its flower-lined quays, Old Town, shopping districts and Chaplin towers, Vevey combines all the charm of a village with the benefits of a large town. Definitely a place to linger!

Train trips. 


Once an hour, the regional train nicknamed the vineyard train takes you to the Lavaux vineyard. Ideal for admiring the panorama without tiring yourself out!



This funicular leaves from Vevey and passes through the magnificent Lavaux vineyard and the village of Chardonne before reaching the green forests and fields at the bottom of Mt-Pèlerin.

Train des Pléiades.

Vevey–Les Pléiades.

This picturesque rack-railway train takes you up to the Pléiades view point (1360 m). Admire the magnificent view of the Riviera and Lake Geneva from the terrace of the restaurant located on the summit. In spring you can stroll across the narcissus fields, and in summer you can discover the Astro Pléiades – Claude Nicollier trail. Great value packages are not valid, so you will need to purchase an additional ticket.

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Balade à pied.

Guided visit.



The Alimentarium explores all the aspects of food and nutrition from a historical, scientific and cultural perspective. This interactive museum invites visitors of all ages to take a close look at eating, an activity full of both history and emotion. 1.4.–30.9.2017 Tuesday–Sunday 10h–18h; 1.10.–31.3.2018  10h–17h, Monday closed except for holidays. Would you like to visit only the Alimentarium during your stay? Take advantage of our combined reduced-price offer that you can purchase before you leave home. Public transport travel (20%), entry (15%).


Nesquik, Cailler, Nescafé, Nespresso – do these names stimulate your taste buds and evoke delicious memories? Discover how it all started 150 years ago in Vevey. 1.4.–31.10.2017 Monday–Sunday 10h–18h, 1.11–31.3.2018 Monday–Sunday 10h–17h. Would you like to visit only the nest during your stay? Take advantage of our combined reduced-price offer that you can purchase before you leave home. Train travel (20%), entry (10%).

Swiss Camera Museum.

Discover the history of photography and photographers with a stunning collection featuring everything from a camera obscura to the latest digital cameras.

Tuesday–Sunday 11h–17h30

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Musée Jenisch Vevey.

This museum includes exhibits from the Renaissance up to contemporary works. It is also home to the canton’s print collection and the Oskar Kokoschka Foundation.

Tuesday–Sunday 10h–18h, Thursday until 20h.

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Historical Museum of Vevey.

Eight room in this 16th-century residence retell the story of this region’s past.

Tuesday–Sunday 11h–17h

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Musée de la Confrérie des Vignerons.

Renovated permanent exhibition retracing the rich history of the Brotherhood and its festivals, from its medieval origins to the present day.

Tuesday–Sunday 11h–17h

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Old town.

The numerous museums, monuments and historic buildings in the Old Town of Vevey bear witness to its rich history. The narrow streets and numerous unexpected alleyways are full of charming boutiques and authentic cafés.


Grande place Tuesday/Saturday 7h–13h.


Coup de cœur near the train station: Brasserie La Coupole.

Opened on 1 July 1912 as the «Pavillon des Voyageurs», the historic Brasserie La Coupole 1912 still shows signs of Belle Epoque architectural features even today. It also has an eliptical skylight and five frescoes representing the 1927 Winemakers Festival.


I Point under the columns, Grande-Place 29.

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