Around the village of Chardonne.

From Chardonne, a beautiful wine-growing village, it’s an easy walk with magnificent views over Vevey and Lake Geneva.
2.8 km; 1h; 150 m; 150 m
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Panoramic walk around Châtelard.

Take the train that starts from Montreux station to get to Châtelard Castle (private). Panoramic view of the vines and the Riviera. Going round the northern side of the castle, it’s then an easy walk to Clarens via the charming village of Tavel.
0.5 km; 0h20; 0 m; 102 m

Walk through the vines.

This circular trail starts in Chexbres. It is suggested by Constant Jomini, winemaker and grower at Chexbres, and will teach you about both winemaking and gastronomy. You can also walk either from Chexbres to Rivaz or from Rivaz to Chexbres.
5 km; 2h; 290 m; 290 m
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Tour of the wine-growing villages.

An ideal and easy tour to discover Lavaux’s typical wine-growing villages between the lake shore and the slopes..
4.4 km; 1h10; 80 m; 80 m
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La Conversion–Cully.

La Conversion–Châtelard–Aran–Grandvaux–Cully.
From the station at La Conversion, take the path to the north of the train line leading to Bossière, then, on the southern side of the train line, head towards Grandvaux station or, slightly lower down, towards Châtelard, Aran, Grandvaux and then Cully.
6,5 km; 2h; 80 m; 290 m
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Chauderon gorges.

Leaving Montreux Old Town, this route takes you through gorges against a backdrop of natural, untamed countryside. It follows a shaded path that involves lots of climbing, and is rated as a difficult walk.
5.4 km; 2h30; 551 m; 551 m
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Walk through the vineyards.

This walk is of average difficulty and offers a broad panorama of Lavaux as you pass through the vineyards.
4 km; 1h; 0 m; 230 m
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Three-sun walk.

This easy walk over the hillsides passes through vineyards and villages, offering an authentic impression of the local architecture. You can follow all or just a section of the route.
12 km; 4h; 150 m; 150 m
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Grandvaux gare–Grandvaux village–Cully village.
This walk that proceeds almost entirely downhill, winds through the vines and runs past the attractive village of Grandvaux. With a small detour via the visitor centre of the Lavaux World Heritage Site (opening in October 2017) the hike takes you on to the village of Cully on the shores of Lake Geneva.
2.5 km; 0h40;  0 m;  200 m

A walk through the vineyard of Lavaux.

Explore Lavaux, the UNESCO-listed vineyard terraces, with our smartphone application and discover wine tourism through the vineyards! This unique walk will enable you to discover the winegrowers in the area, either alone or in a group. Follow the path with questions, quizzes and thrilling anecdotes.
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