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Montreux Jazz Festival.

30.6–15.7.2017, Montreux.

The two-week long 51th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival will welcome the greatest musicians from around the world. Experience musical history in surroundings both grandiose and convivial on the shores of Lake Geneva.

14e Festival Lavaux Classic.

22.6.–2.7.2017, Cully and Lavaux.

Lavaux Classic extends throughout Lavaux – with its centre and free events in Cully. The festival includes internationally recognised and young musicians.

Ten days of music by the water with a magnificent view of the lake and the vineyards.

Montreux Noël.

23.11.–24.12.2017, Montreux and region.

From the shores of Lake Geneva to the neighbouring mountain tops, Montreux Noël offers many activities centred around its traditional Christmas Market to please visitors of all ages.

Other events in the region.


26.4.–1.5.2017 Montreux www.arvinis.chLink opens in new window.

Epesses nouveau en fête1

6.5.2017 Epesses www.epesses-nouveau.chLink opens in new window.

Narcisses en Fête

6.5.–4.6.2017 Riviera www.narcisses.chLink opens in new window.

Parade Navale

21.5.2017 Cully www.cgn.chLink opens in new window.

Marché des vins de Chardonne

27.5.2017 Chardonne www.montreuxriviera.comLink opens in new window.

Freddie For A Day

27–28.5.2017 Montreux www.swisseducation.comLink opens in new window.

Caves ouvertes Vaudoises1

3–4.6.2017 Riviera www.vins-vaudois.comLink opens in new window.

Montreux Volley Masters

6–11.6.2017 Montreux www.volleymasters.chLink opens in new window.

Lavaux Classic1

22.6.–2.7.2017 Cully und Umgebung www.lavauxclassic.chLink opens in new window.

Montreux Jazz Festival1

30.6.–15.7.2017 Montreux www.montreuxjazzfestival.comLink opens in new window.

Marchés folkloriques

8.7.–26.8.2017 Vevey www.marchesfolkloriques.chLink opens in new window.

Montreux Trail Festival

27–30.7.2017 Montreux www.montreux-trail.chLink opens in new window.

La Vague Vevey

9.8.–20.8.2017 Vevey www.lavaguevevey.chLink opens in new window.

WateRings Contest

11–13.8.2017 Montreux www.waterings.chLink opens in new window.

Semaine Internationale de Piano

12–19.8.2017 Saint-Légier www.sipiano.comLink opens in new window.

Concours Clara Haskil

17–25.8.2017 Vevey www.clara-haskil.chLink opens in new window.

Acro Show

18–20.8.2017 Villeneuve

Festival des Artistes de Rue

18–20.8.2017 Vevey

Nox Orae

25–26.8.2017 La Tour-de-Peilz

Septembre musical – Montreux Riviera Classic

25.8.–2.9.2017 Riviera

Ride for the Cause

26–27.8.2017 Clarens www.ride4thecause.orgLink opens in new window.

Montreux Grand Prix

7–10.9.2017 Montreux www.montreuxgrandprix.chLink opens in new window.

Route Gourmande

9.9.2017 Chailly www.routegourmande.chLink opens in new window.

Lavaux Passion

9–10.9.2017 Cully www.lavauxpassion.chLink opens in new window.

Fête des vendanges

22–24.9.2017 Lutry www.fetedesvendanges.chLink opens in new window.

Montreux Acrobaties

23–24.9.2017 Montreux www.montreux-acrobaties.comLink opens in new window.

Vevey International Funny Film Festival VIFFF

27–29.10.2017 Vevey www.vifff.chLink opens in new window.


4.11.2017 Rivaz opens in new window.

Montreux art Gallery – MAG

8–12.11.2017 Montreux www.mag-swiss.comLink opens in new window.

Montreux Noël1

23.11.–24.12.2017 Montreux and region www.montreuxnoel.comLink opens in new window.

Montreux Comedy Festival

30.11.–4.12.2017 Montreux/Vevey www.montreuxcomedyfestival.comLink opens in new window.

Tous en Choeur

15–16.12.2017 Montreux www.tousenchoeur.chLink opens in new window.


29.3.–2.4.2018 Montreux www.polymanga.comLink opens in new window.

Montreux Choral Festival Anfang April Montreux/Vevey

www.choralfestival.chLink opens in new window.

Cully Jazz Festival

13–21.4.2018 Cully www.cullyjazz.chLink opens in new window.

All the events in the region: www.montreuxriviera.comLink opens in new window.


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