Lavaux and the Montreux Riviera in one day.

Do you have a whole day to devote to discovering Lavaux and the Montreux Riviera? We have come up with an itinerary for exploring the region purely by public transport. Don’t forget to choose a seat overlooking the lake!

Your trip step-by-step:

  1. Hop on board the train to Vevey, then head on up to the village of Chexbres with the Train des Vignes.
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  2. Continue your tour with a stroll through the vineyard until you reach the charming village of Rivaz, where you’ll take a wine tasting break at Lavaux VinoramaLink opens in new window..
  3. Go back down to Vevey for lunch and enjoy wandering through the old town.
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  4. Then carry on to Veytaux-Chillon to visit the magnificent Chillon Castle.Link opens in new window.
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  5. See Lausanne by boat to really top off your day.
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From 7 July to 26 August 2018, regional trains will be replaced by a bus service between Lausanne, Puidoux-Chexbres, Palézieux and Romont and between Puidoux-Chexbres and Vevey. Long-distance services on the Lausanne–Palézieux–Romont–Fribourg/Freiburg line will be replaced by shuttle trains running via Vevey.

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