Plan your trip to Lavaux and the Riviera using these timetable excerpts to get an idea of how frequently the Vaud RER runs.

For the full, detailed timetables, visit cff.ch/horaire, where you can also find timetables for other regional trains, regional buses, city buses, funicular railways and boats.

Vevey—Puidoux-Chexbres: RER Vaud S37 (Vineyard train)

Departure Time S7 Arrival Time S7
Vevey xx.09 Puidoux-Chexbres  xx.36 
Vevey-Funi1 xx.10 Chexbres-Village xx.39
Corseaux-Cornalles1 xx.12 Corseaux-Cornalles1 xx.43
Chexbres-Village xx.18 Vevey-Funi1 xx.45
Puidoux-Chexbres xx.22 Vevey xx.49
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Lausanne–Villeneuve: RER Vaud S2 and S3

Departure Time S2 Time S3 Arrival Time S2 Time S3
Lausanne xx.00 xx.36 Villeneuve xx.22 xx.51
Pully xx.03 xx.39 Veytaux-Chillon n.a xx.53
Lutry xx.05 xx.41 Territet xx.25 n/a
Villette VD xx.07 n/a
Montreux xx.27 xx.56
Cully xx.10 xx.45 Clarens xx.28 xx.57
Epesses xx.11 n/a
Burier xx.30 xx.59
Rivaz xx.14 n/a
La Tour-de-Peilz xx.32 xx.01
St-Saphorin xx.16 n/a
Vevey xx.37 xx.06
Vevey xx.22 xx.53 St-Saphorin xx.40 n/a
La Tour-de-Peilz xx.23 xx.54 Rivaz xx.41 n/a
Burier xx.25 xx.56 Epesses xx.44 n/a
Clarens xx.27 xx.58 Cully xx.47 xx.13
Montreux xx.31 xx.02 Villette VD xx.49 n/a
Territet xx.32 n/a
Lutry xx.50 xx.15
Veytaux-Chillon n/a
xx.04 Pully xx.55 xx.19
Villeneuve xx.37 xx.08 Lausanne xx.59 xx.13

Lausanne—Puidoux-Chexbres: RER Vaud S4, S5, S9

Departure Time S4 Time S9 Time S5 A Arrival Time S5 A Time S9 Time S4
Lausanne xx.03 xx.24 xx.29 Puidoux-Chexbres xx.13 xx.25 xx.41
Pully-Nord xx.05 n/a
xx.31 Grandvaux xx.16 n/a
La Conversion xx.06 n/a
xx.32 Bossière xx.18 n/a
Bossière xx.08 n/a
xx.34 La Conversion  xx.20 n/a
Grandvaux xx.11 n/a
xx.37 Pully-Nord  xx.24 n/a
Puidoux-Chexbres xx.17 xx.33 xx.43 Lausanne xx.28 xx.36 xx.56

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