SBB developing its new app with the help of customers.

The SBB Mobile app is being completely redesigned and transformed into a digital travel companion. SBB is launching a preview version, which will be developed further with the help of an online community of customers. The launch of the final version of the new app is scheduled for late 2016. Until then, the current app will continue to be available as usual. In future, customers will be able to buy tickets and access timetable details simply by swiping and without needing to enter any information manually. Buying tickets will also be a much simpler process, requiring just two clicks in future. In the interests of pressing ahead quickly with the development work, SBB is making the first test version available to Android users only. iPhone users will have their chance to get involved in the development of the app during the first quarter of 2016.

The SBB Mobile app has attracted more than three million regular users and been downloaded approximately 6.5 million times since it was first launched seven years ago. It is now being completely redesigned and transformed into a personal digital travel companion. SBB has taken the decision to actively involve customers in the development of the SBB Mobile app to ensure that the focus is kept firmly on customer requirements as the app is developed further. This means that as many features required by customers as possible can be incorporated into the app before it is actually launched in late 2016. Anyone who joins the new development community can get involved (see box). While the new app is being developed, the existing SBB Mobile app can be used as before.

A clearer and easier way to find supersaver tickets

Even more user-friendly functions are being integrated into the new SBB Mobile app: in future, you will be able to buy tickets up to the value of 40 Swiss francs with just two clicks and without having to enter a password, and you can also save functions as your personal favourites. It will also be possible to buy supersaver tickets with just two clicks. In addition, customers will be able to save their preferred connection points as tiles and call up frequent timetable enquiries without having to enter any text at all. This means that, for the first time, it will be possible to buy a ticket without even touching the keypad on your mobile phone. Finally, the SwissPass will also be gradually integrated into the app. The new SBB Mobile app will keep your personal data safe. It will not collect or transmit any location data unless this feature is specifically activated by the user and it will not access your address book, calendar or photos either.

Information available at

Full details about the new community site can be found at, where you will find information on how to register as a user in the community and then how to download the app. Anybody who gets involved can report errors, make suggestions for improvements and vote on new functions. In order to get started on the joint development project as quickly as possible, the first version of the new SBB Mobile app will initially be launched exclusively for Android devices and in German only. The first version for iPhones will follow in the first quarter of 2016, when the app will also be made available in French. Italian and English speakers as well as users of Windows 10 Mobile will then have their chance to get involved in the final quarter of 2016.

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