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  1. Sustainable travel: by train

    Tips for sustainable city breaks, night trains and Interrail. Rail is a low CO_2 means of transport; 90% of our electricity comes from hydro power.

    Timetable/Travel advice/Sustainable travel

  2. The Half Fare Travelcard on the SwissPass

    Travel for half the price with the Half Fare Travelcard – on SBB routes and those of many other Swiss public transport operators.

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/Half Fare Travelcards

  3. Travelling with bicycles

    You can load your bike yourself on trains and buses, register it as an item of luggage or rent it on-site.

    Timetable/Travel advice/Travelling with bicycles

  4. SwissPass – the key to your mobility

    Discover the SwissPass card, the personal customer account with SwissPass login and the SwissPass for smartphones and tablets.

    Travelcards & tickets/SwissPass

  5. SBB Mobile: your personal travel companion

    SBB Mobile is free for iPhone and Android: buy tickets and check timetables – any time, anywhere. Download now!

    Timetable/Timetable apps/SBB Mobile

  6. Before your journey

    Benefit from our practical services even before your trip. From money exchange to travel insurance to luggage services.

    Station & services/Before your journey

  7. Swiss Travel Pass – the All-in-one-Ticket for Switzerland

    With the Swiss Travel Pass you can travel flexibly and inexpensively in Switzerland by train, bus and boat as a tourist or business passenger.

    Leisure & holidays/Inspiration/International guests/Swiss Travel Pass

  8. The SwissPass card

    Find out how to get the SwissPass card and how public transport travelcards and partner services are integrated onto it.

    Travelcards & tickets/SwissPass/SwissPass card

  9. The SwissPass account with SwissPass login

    Find out how to open a SwissPass account with a SwissPass login and the advantages it offers.

    Travelcards & tickets/SwissPass/SwissPass account

  10. SBB Ticket Machine

    Your quick and easy route to tickets and other services: SBB's ticket machines. Range of services, functions, instructions.

    Station & services/At the station/Services from the ticket machine/SBB Ticket Machine


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