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  1. Help with seat reservations in the train restaurant

    Here you will find answers to your questions about the SBB Restaurant and dining cars on international trains.

    Help & contact/Travelcards, tickets, apps and services/Reservations/Seat reservations/Dining cars

  2. Restrictions on rail catering

    Although most Corona measures have been lifted in Switzerland, some of the following restrictions still exist in our neighbouring countries.

    Station & services/During your journey/SBB Restaurant

  3. Rodels-Realta.

    Take advantage of the long opening hours for shops at our stations.

  4. Seat reservation in the SBB Restaurant

    Reserve your seat in the SBB Restaurant in advance and enjoy your time with us.

    Station & services/During your journey/SBB Restaurant/Seat reservations in the SBB Restaurant

  5. Chur Railservice RhB.

    Take advantage of the long opening hours for shops at our stations.

  6. P+Rail – your parking space at the station

    Park conveniently at the station with SBB P+Rail and continue by train. Buy Day Passes now online or with your smartphone.

    Station & services/Bike & car/Car parking/P+Rail

  7. Conditions for exchanges and refunds

    Fees for exchange/refund of the Supersaver return ticket for Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

    Travelcards & tickets/Tickets/Tickets for travelling in Europe

  8. Czech Republic

    Make use of the night by travelling directly to Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic on the Nightjet.

    Leisure & holidays/Destinations/Train travel in Europe/Czech Republic

  9. Fare network travelcards on the SwissPass

    The SwissPass enables you to have several public transport travelcards on one card. Here you can find out how to buy or renew your travelcards.

    Travelcards & tickets/Purchase & advice/Swiss fare networks

  10. Switzerland’s regions

    Explore Switzerland’s diverse regions by train. We have varied excursion tips, information and offers for you.

    Leisure & holidays/Destinations/Train travel in Switzerland


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