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  1. Interrail One Country Pass

    Discover one of 30 European countries with the Interrail One Country Pass. Offers, prices and sales from SBB.

    Leisure & holidays/Trains & trips/Interrail/Interrail One Country Pass

  2. Modern Mathematics – The Philosopher's Egg by Mario Merz

    Mario Merz's art is rooted in anthropology. His found inspiration for his artwork at the interface of nature and intellect.

    Station & services/At the station/Our rail stations/ShopVille-Zurich main station/Artwork at Zurich main station/«The Philosopher's Egg» - Mario Merz

  3. The official Swiss Railways watch

    Popular design classics.

    Station & services/At the station/Services at the station/Gift ideas/SBB Station watch from Mondaine

  4. City-Ticket: the ticket for trains and local traffic

    With the City Ticket you can travel to one of 80 Swiss cities and can move around thanks to a day pass for local traffic. Available online.

    Travelcards & tickets/Tickets/Point-to-point tickets/City-Ticket

  5. Modular travelcard: zone maps

    Are you interested in a modular travelcard? Find out which localities and stops are covered by which fare zones.

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/Modular Travelcards/Modular travelcard: zone maps

  6. Legal information

  7. Information on the Modular Travelcard

    Find answers to questions about the Modular Travelcard here: possible combinations, purchasing, renewal, refunds and much more.

    Help & contact/Travelcards, tickets, apps and services/Travelcards/Point-to-Point, Regional & Modular Travelcards/Modular Travelcard

  8. Station gift card FAQs

    You can find answers to your questions about the station gift card in the FAQ.

  9. The GA Travelcard for the whole family

    You will find all information from SBB regarding the purchase of the Familia GA Travelcard for Children, for Youth and for Adults.

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/GA Travelcards/For families

  10. Food and beverage menu

    Discover the wide range on offer and treat yourself at our SBB Restaurants and SBB Bistros.

    Station & services/During your journey/SBB Restaurant/Food and beverage menu


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