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  1. My Post 24: Send and receive parcels around the clock

    You can collect and drop off your parcels around the clock at the yellow My Post 24 terminals, which are now available at SBB train stations.

    Station & services/At the station/Services at the station/My Post 24

  2. Purchase gift cards form iTunes or others at SBB ticket machines

    Now you can easily buy codes from iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Zattoo, Zalando and Roblox at SBB ticket machines and top up your bank account. 24 hours 365 days a year.

    Station & services/At the station/Services from the ticket machine/Gift cards

  3. Planned timetable changes in German-speaking Switzerland

    On this site you will find additional information on the most important timetable changes in the regions of Aargau/Solothurn, Glarus, Northwestern Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland, Central Switzerland and Zurich.

    Timetable/Rail traffic information/Planned timetable changes/German-speaking Switzerland

  4. Cycling tours

    Discover our selection of cycling tours for exploring the plains and mountains of Chablais.

    Leisure & holidays/Destinations/Switzerland’s regions/The Chablais regions of Vaud and Valais/Cycling tours

  5. Day Pass for Schools for CHF 15

    With the Day Pass for Schools, school classes and Y+S groups of under 25s travel affordably in Switzerland for CHF 15 per person.

    Travelcards & tickets/Tickets/Day Passes/Day Pass for Schools


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