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  1. SwissPass Parking: locations

    The locations where SwissPass Parking is available are listed below. Further locations will be added over the coming months.

    Station & services/Bike & car/Car parking/SwissPass Parking/SwissPass Parking: locations

  2. Food and beverage menu

    Discover the wide range on offer and treat yourself at our SBB Restaurants and SBB Bistros.

    Station & services/During your journey/SBB Restaurant/Food and beverage menu

  3. 2023 timetable for central Switzerland

    The new 2023 timetable for central Switzerland and the most important information about the timetable change.

    Timetable/Online timetable/Timetable change/Central Switzerland

  4. Our direct connections in Europe

    Hop aboard and travel right to the heart of a European metropolis. Thanks to our direct train connections, you can get to lots of cities of your choice quickly and comfortably.

    Leisure & holidays/Destinations/Train travel in Europe

  5. Provisions for self-service loading of bicycles

    Information on the acceptance of Bike Day Passes and annual bikes passes and on special provisions for self-service loading of bicycles on public transport vehicles.

  6. Austria

    From Switzerland you can visit the most beautiful cities in Austria on the state-of-the-art high-speed Railjet during the day and on the Nightjet at night.

    Leisure & holidays/Destinations/Train travel in Europe/Austria


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