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  1. Flight luggage: transport and check-in for Swiss/Edelweiss flights from Zurich Airport

    For flights with Swiss or Edelweiss from Zurich Airport, we’ll collect your flight luggage from your home and take care of the check-in for you.

    Station & services/Before your journey/Luggage and flight luggage/Flight luggage/Zurich with Swiss or Edelweiss/Zurich: from your door with luggage check-in

  2. Reuse, don’t dispose – with kooky

    The kooky reuse system enables you to easily avoid creating waste when you buy a take-away at stations.

    Timetable/Travel advice/Sustainable travel/Reuse, don’t dispose

  3. Station information for luggage, bicycles and special bikes

    A list of all stations from A to Z with information on whether luggage, bikes and special bikes can be checked in or collected.

    Station & services/Before your journey/Luggage and flight luggage/Luggage/Luggage station to station/Check-in and collection of luggage, bicycles and special bikes

  4. Connections to France with TGV Lyria

    Travel to France in comfort directly from Switzerland on the new TGV Lyria fleet.

    Leisure & holidays/Destinations/Train travel in Europe/France/TGV Lyria

  5. Disclaimer and conditions of entry, Instagram competition

  6. The GA Travelcard for people with invalidity insurance (IV) and a disability

    The IV GA Travelcard for Disabled Persons is available for passengers with a disability at a discounted price for 1st and 2nd class.

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/GA Travelcards/For Disabled Persons

  7. On-board service – all the comfort you require

    Our services for your needs: our different types of train, and our business, quiet and family zones will increase your level of comfort en route. Our customer attendants will provide you with personal, professional assistance.

    Station & services/During your journey/On-board service

  8. The GA Travelcard for young persons

    Here at SBB, you can find all the information you need on buying the reduced GA Travelcard Youth on the SwissPass, for everyone between the ages of 16 and 25.

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/GA Travelcards/For Youth

  9. Help with issues buying tickets on and SBB Mobile

    Unable to purchase a ticket due to technical issues on, SBB Mobile or the ticket machines? You’ll find solutions here.

    Help & contact/Travelcards, tickets, apps and services/Issues buying tickets

  10. GA Travelcard for Duos

    The discounted GA Travelcard for your partner or any other person who lives in the same household. Order now!

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/GA Travelcards/For Duos


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