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  1. Secure cycle parks

    Parking spots with secure access protect your bicycle or motorbike from weather, theft and vandalism.

    Station & services/Bike & car/Bike parking/Secure cycle parks

  2. SwissPass Parking – cashless parking

    Just use your SwissPass to park in selected car parks and leave your cash at home.

    Station & services/Bike & car/Car parking/SwissPass Parking

  3. Shop securely on the Internet with the paysafecard

    With the paysafecard you can pay securely and conveniently in more than 3,500 web shops without using a credit card or bank account.

    Station & services/At the station/Services from the ticket machine/paysafecard

  4. Point-to-point Travelcards

    If you travel often on a certain route by train, you can order a Point-to-point Travelcard online for a month or year.

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/Point-to-point Travelcards

  5. Modular Travelcard: commuting made easy

    Do you often travel the same route by train and use trams and buses at your point of departure or arrival? This is what the modular Travelcard is for.

    Travelcards & tickets/Travelcards/Modular Travelcards

  6. Day Pass for Schools for CHF 15

    With the Day Pass for Schools, school classes and Y+S groups of under 25s travel affordably in Switzerland for CHF 15 per person.

    Travelcards & tickets/Tickets/Day Passes/Day Pass for Schools

  7. Check-in and collection of flight luggage

    You will find the stations where you can register for the product “Flight luggage station to Zurich Airport” below.

    Station & services/Before your journey/Luggage and flight luggage/Flight luggage/Zurich with Swiss or Edelweiss/Zurich: flight luggage from the station/Check-in and collection of flight luggage

  8. Interrail One Country Pass

    Discover one of 30 European countries with the Interrail One Country Pass. Offers, prices and sales from SBB.

    Leisure & holidays/Trains & trips/Interrail/Interrail One Country Pass

  9. Travel discounts for passengers with a disability

    Reduced GA Travelcard, Disabled Passenger’s ID Card (Companion Travelcard) and identity card for passengers on local services who are blind or have a visual impairment.

    Timetable/Travel advice/Travel with reduced mobility/Travel discounts

  10. Information on the Modular Travelcard

    Find answers to questions about the Modular Travelcard here: possible combinations, purchasing, renewal, refunds and much more.

    Help & contact/Travelcards, tickets, apps and services/Travelcards/Point-to-Point, Regional & Modular Travelcards/Modular Travelcard


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