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  1. Check-in and collection of flight luggage

    You will find the stations where you can register for the product “Flight luggage station to Zurich Airport” below.

    Station & services/Before your journey/Luggage and flight luggage/Flight luggage/Zurich with Swiss/Zurich: flight luggage from the station/Check-in and collection of flight luggage

  2. Disclaimer and conditions of entry, Instagram competition

  3. Luggage liability

    Find out about liability in the event of damage, delayed delivery, or partial or total loss of luggage.

    Station & services/Before your journey/Luggage and flight luggage

  4. Reuse, don’t dispose – with kooky

    The kooky reuse system enables you to easily avoid creating waste when you buy a take-away at stations.

    Timetable/Travel advice/Sustainable travel/Reuse, don’t dispose

  5. Practical tourist information for Chablais

    Find full information on tourism in the Chablais region here. Discover interesting offers in the diverse Chablais region.

    Leisure & holidays/Destinations/Train travel in Switzerland/The Chablais regions of Vaud and Valais/Practical tourist information for Chablais

  6. Travel planning for accessible travel

    Plan accessible travel in Switzerland and to Europe and purchase tickets with the online timetable at and the SBB Mobile app.

    Timetable/Travel advice/Travel with reduced mobility/Travel planning

  7. Children’s offers for Europe

    Children travel free of charge or at lower prices on family holidays by train through Europe. Take advantage for your next trip. Find a summary here.

    Travelcards & tickets/Tickets/Tickets for travelling in Europe/Great value offers for children and young people

  8. Flight luggage foreign airport to station

    You check your luggage in at an airport abroad, and collect it at selected stations in Switzerland.

    Station & services/Before your journey/Luggage and flight luggage/fluggepaeck-ausland-schweiz/Flight luggage foreign airport to station

  9. Western Union® Money Transfersm Service App: Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions apply to and govern your access to and use of The Western Union® Money TransferSM Service App.

    Station & services/At the station/Services at the station/Western Union/WU@SBB App/GTC WU@SBB App


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