Passenger rights.

When the EU Regulation on the rights and obligations of passengers comes into force on 13 December 2009, new compensation rules will apply to international rail services originating or terminating in Switzerland.

These give customers the same rights vis-à-vis all railway companies, regardless of what service they use or whether they travel by day or night.

International travel is subject to the «General Terms and Conditions for the Carriage of Passengers by Rail» (GCC-CIV/PRR) and the «Special Carriage and Tariff Conditions of SBB» (STC-SBB).

Depending on ticket type and time of demand, exchange or refund of this fare may be subject to restrictions or may not be permitted at all. A fee is charged if your demand is accepted. Refund applications for unused or partly used tickets should usually be submitted to the place of issue no later than one month after the ticket has expired. You will need to provide suitable proof that you have not used or only partly used the ticket in question.

Domestic travel is exclusively subject to Swiss law and the sole place of jurisdiction is Switzerland. Generally, the regulations of the respective carriers apply on foreign routes.

The Swiss Transport Enterprises wish you a pleasant journey.

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Passenger rights

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