Domestic services.

Regulations governing national rail services.

Compensation for delays. (goodwill gesture)

For reasons of goodwill, we distribute "Sorry" Rail Checks (10 francs in 2nd class, 15 francs in 1st class) directly in the train when passengers travelling on a long distance train i.e. IC, IR incur a delay of at least 60 minutes.

This compensation is accorded out of goodwill regardless of the cause.

Procedure in the event of a missed connection.

If a passenger misses the last scheduled connection, SBB arranges and pays for hotel accommodation. If the costs of taking a taxi to the destination stated on the customer's ticket are approximately of a similar magnitude, SBB may decide to pay the taxi fare instead. SBB meets the costs of hotel accommodation or a taxi up to a maximum of 200 francs per person. Compensation is only payable against presentation of an original receipt.

Multiple options.

A number of options are available to customers who are prevented from continuing their journey by the scheduled train because a service is delayed or cancelled. They can:

  1. decide not to continue the journey, and ask for a refund of the fare relating to the uncompleted part of it
  2. return to their station of departure free of charge and ask for a refund of the entire fare paid
  3. continue their journey on the next suitable service, in which case the company must make any necessary changes to his ticket (extending its period of validity, changing the route, upgrading its class or train category) free of charge
  4. agree to continue his journey with another carrier

Insurance cover for additional cancellation costs.

SBB is obliged to convey customers to their destinations (their ultimate destinations as per their tickets) on the same day. This may involve a number of changes of train and/or a detour. However, The Swiss Federal Law on Public Transport contains no provisions with regard to compensation for missing flight connections, theatrical performances, concerts, examinations and the like, or for loss of working hours. Additional costs incurred as a result of the delay or cancellation of transportation to the airport can be covered by special cancellation insurance. This must be arranged in advance.

Exemption from liability.

SBB is exempted from its liability if the problem was caused by the passenger or due to circumstances that SBB could not avoid and the consequences of which could not be averted (adverse weather conditions, accidents involving people, etc.).

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