Application for withdrawal of debt collection proceedings/deletion of an entry in the debt collection register.

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As a creditor, Swiss Federal Railways AG (SBB) is required to report the payment of the debt to the debt collection office. Any withdrawal of debt collection proceedings which results in the deletion of the entry in the debt collection register is undertaken as a gesture of goodwill. We charge CHF 50 per withdrawal/debt collection for this administrative work.

The following steps must be taken for us to arrange a withdrawal:

  • All debts owed to SBB (including administrative costs for the withdrawal of debt collection proceedings) must be paid in full
  • Please enter the address of the debt collection office

Our bank and post office account details:

You must enter the SBB AG reference number (6 digits) in the comments field:

Post office account
CHF account: 30-5691-6
IBAN: CH39 0900 0000 3000 5691 6

Payment recipient: SBB AG, Personenverkehr, CH-3000 Bern 65

To enable us to process your application as quickly as possible, we require confirmation of the transfer. Please enclose this with the application:

When paying via e-banking.

Enclose the payment confirmation (no copies of the pending payment).

When paying at the post office with an inpayment form.

Enclose the original receipt including the post office stamp.

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