FAQ travelling without a valid ticket.

Why have ticket sales on the train been abolished?

This ticket purchase option is unfortunately no longer available to our customers – on the other hand, alternative sales channels such as mobile and the Internet have been significantly expanded.

It is normal to validate a ticket before a journey. This is usual in every tram, in regional services and also on rapid transit trains. It is also becoming more and more difficult to sell a ticket on the train to all customers in long-distance services. SBB loses tens of millions because of this – that's about one percent of fares.
Selling tickets on the train is simply no longer realistic considering the 400 metre long double-deck trains gradually being introduced from 2013.
Furthermore, market research has shown that service is naturally important for our customers – but ticket sales are not at the top of their wish lists. Change of route or change of class is, however. We will continue to offer these facilities for this reason.

Does the requirement to have a ticket also apply to foreign trains (TGV, ICE, Railjet etc.)?

Yes, on their Swiss routes.

May I deal with a bill over the telephone on behalf of my son/daughter (adult) or another third party?

Data protection legislation means that we require your power of attorney.

I have received a bill, but I was not travelling by train. What now?

Think about who might have been able to misuse your identity. Misuse of identity is a criminal act. For this reason, you could make a complaint to the police. Please also contact us without delay.

The debt collectors have been and I have paid my debt in full. Will this case now automatically be deleted from the register of judgements?

No. Please submit a written request to have the entry deleted (retraction costs: CHF 50).

Can I pay my bill in instalments?

Yes, under certain conditions. Please complete the electronic form under payment by instalments. Here you will find more information about payment by instalments.

I have received a bill but I believe that I have already paid it. Should I ignore the bill?

No, on no account! First check to whom you have paid this debt. Did you perhaps pay the debt to a different debt collection agency (e.g. Zurich Transport Network, Bernmobil)? If not, please contact us.

I have received a demand threatening to engage a debt collector. This includes administrative fees of CHF 40. Is SBB allowed to charge these fees?

Yes, because SBB's debt collection centre is a non-commercial agent within the meaning of the Swiss Federal Act on Debt Collection and Bankruptcy section 27 paragraph 2.

Can I be taken to court for travelling without a valid ticket or with a partially valid ticket?

Yes, we can take you to court for infringement of the Swiss Passenger Transport Act (PBG). Bear in mind that if you are taken to court you will incur further costs (court costs, penalties, etc.).

How long do I have to present my valid season ticket (e.g. GA travelcard) at a ticket office once I have been given the form for passengers travelling without a valid certificate by the train crew who inspected my ticket?

Passengers who do not pay the sum owing immediately will be given a form for passengers without a valid ticket by the ticket inspector. If you have forgotten your travelcard, you must present this at a ticket office within 10 days. In other cases, or if the travelcard is not presented at a ticket office within 10 days, passengers are sent a bill by the credit control centre to settle the debt.

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