Coronavirus: information on stations.

Stations and shops in stations are also affected by the current situation. Customers are subject to protective measures as well as a mask requirement in the closed station areas. Here you will find a guide providing the most important information.

Protection measures for customers at stations.

The requirement to wear a mask has been lifted for all platform areas (underground and ground level), stops, underpasses and overpasses across Switzerland. Halls and shopping arcades with a large opening on at least two sides are also considered outside spaces that do not require the wearing of masks. For example, this applies to the main stations in Zurich, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Bern and Basel.

There is a requirement to wear a mask in indoor areas across Switzerland. Indoor areas include enclosed station buildings, shopping areas in stations, enclosed waiting areas, underground stations, Travel Centres and toilet facilities.

We will continue to clean stations and trains more intensively. In particular, areas such as escalator handrails, lift buttons and screens on ticket machines are being cleaned more regularly. Furthermore, a cleaning product that has been tried and tested on Covid-19 is being used. In larger stations, hand sanitiser dispensers have been set up for customers at busy entry and exit points and at the main entrances.

Queueing areas have been set up outside very busy shops in larger stations. These areas are marked out using tape and markings on the floor and are in line with the stipulations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Stickers outlining the FOPH’s behaviour instructions have also been affixed to the floor outside the shops.

At larger stations, masks and hand sanitiser are also available. You can buy them in pharmacies, supermarkets, kiosks and convenience stores during normal opening hours, and from most Selecta vending machines at any time.

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