General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the station gift card.

You can find the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the station gift card below.

1. General.

The “Station gift card” (hereinafter referred to as “gift card”) is an electronic gift card (debit card) which is of­fered by Swiss Federal Railways SBB, joint-stock company under special legislation, 3000 Bern 65 (herein­after “SBB”). The gift card represents a customer credit due from SBB. The Terms and Conditions govern the re­lationship between the customer (cardholder) and SBB.

The customer accepts the Terms and Conditions and un­dertakes to comply with them.

2. Purchasing the gift card.

Sale of Station gift cards ceased on 1 June 2020. However, you can of course still redeem your Station gift card.

3. Where the gift card can be used.

The gift card can be used as a means of payment at ticket counters, travel agencies and ticket machines op­erated by SBB and participating transport companies listed at under “Where can it be redeemed?”, and at participating businesses and shops which are rented on SBB premises. The participat­ing businesses are listed at The gift card cannot be used for the following services: currency exchange transactions, TravelCash, Internet­Cash, Travelers Cheques and Western Union.

The credit on the gift card (full value or remaining bal­ance) cannot be paid out in cash.

To pay, the gift card must be inserted into the card reader. No PIN or signature is required. If it is not possi­ble to pay with the gift card due to a technical fault, SBB and the participating transport companies and businesses are entitled to refuse payment with the gift card.

4. Balance enquiry.

Customers can check the balance remaining on their card at or by SMS (CHF 0.20/SMS).

5. No interest.

The credit on the gift card does not bear interest.

6. No fees.

No fees are charged for loading the gift card or for making payments for goods and services using the gift card.

7. Validity and expiration of the gift card/term.

The credit expires two years after the gift card was last used (i. e. loading or last debit). Balance enquiries do not count as use of the card.

8. Cardholder’s duty of care.

Customers must keep the gift card safe and protect it from misuse by third parties. Customers agree to accept all transactions completed with their gift card and to bear all consequences arising from its use.

9. Liability.

The gift card is not personalised and is transferable. It should therefore be treated in the same way as cash. The remaining balance on the gift card will not be refunded if it is lost or stolen. Damaged gift cards which still have credit on them can be exchanged at SBB ticket counters. In these cases, the damaged gift card must be handed in.

No liability is accepted for damages incurred by custom­ers as a result of system failures, faults, unlawful interference with transmission networks or other deficiencies. SBB reserves the right to suspend the service at any time and without giving a reason if a security risk is iden­tified.

10. Cancelling transactions.

If a transaction using a gift card with SBB or a participating transport company has been initiated in error, customers must produce the retained transaction re­ceipt at the SBB ticket counter immediately afterwards. Services purchased in error can be exchanged.

If the transaction was initiated at a rented shop, customers must contact the shop in question. The shop is responsible for any exchange of goods or services.

11. Data protection.

No personal data are collected and stored.

If customers provide contact details such as a mobile tele­phone number or technical network address when making a balance enquiry, these data will be used to pro­vide this service. Customers accept that third parties may be involved in the provision of balance-enquiry ser­vices; in this event, however, steps will be taken to ensure that appropriate technical and organisational measures are employed to protect customers’ contact details.

12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Bern. Binding legal provi­sions remain reserved.

13. Amendments and additions.

SBB reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. Amendments will be communicated in ad­vance at The amend­ments will be considered approved, provided that custom­ers have not returned the gift card before the amendment comes into effect. The most recent version can be found at or ob­tained from any SBB ticket counter.

In the event of any discrepancy between the German, French, English and/or Italian versions of the Terms and Conditions, the German version shall prevail.

Berne, 27 October 2014.

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