Trafimage maps.

Trafimage maps are used to illustrate a whole range of topics relating to public transport.

The most important maps provide information to customers in Switzerland and abroad regarding public transport networks and areas of validity and inform them about offers such as bike rental, scenic routes or ideas for day trips. There are also Trafimage network maps as well as a wide range of maps for different internal uses.

Trafimage maps are based on a timetable database and can thus be used by all public transport companies. They are primarily available in hardcopy form or as display screen applications and online maps. The map is an integral part of the corporate identity of Swiss public transport and SBB.

Information about accessible services: The documents on this website include maps which cannot be made fully accessible in PDF format. Customers with reduced mobility can contact the SBB Call Center Handicap if they have any questions about map content, such as areas of validity.