You are my stage – ‘Artists on Tour’ make stations sound with music.

After a successful pilot project in autumn 2018, the ‘Artists on Tour’ project was revived from late April to June. The aim of this SBB project was to promote culture at the station. It sought not just to provide artists with a platform but also to improve the waiting environment for travellers at the station.

As part of last year’s tour, seven Swiss artists showed off their musical talents at the stations in Wil, Olten, Biel/Bienne and Bellinzona. As the initiative was well received, SBB decided to continue ‘Artists on Tour’ this year. Starting in the spring, nine artists have given concerts at thirteen stations in all parts of Switzerland. The musicians performed a variety of music from very different genres. These included soul, blues, rock, pop, singer/songwriter and country/folk. The following musicians were on tour for SBB: KARAVANN, Unique Strives, Coniglio Connection, The Raw Soul, Mattiu Defuns, Alf Pastix, Flavie Léa, Clark S and Prune.

The concept of ‘Artists on Tour’ will be continued as part of the ‘You are my stage’ initiative from the end of July 2019. We are looking forward to many more wonderful, moving moments at the station.

Impressionen aus den Bahnhöfen.

The previous pilot project in October and November 2018.

SBB sent seven Swiss artists on a four week tour across Switzerland. The artists entertained passengers and passers-by at SBB stations in Wil, Olten, Biel/Bienne and Bellinzona with their music. The following musicians took part in the pilot project:

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