SBB Sandbox: Ideas and prototypes need your feedback.

« Love it – change it – leave it”. Tell us what you think and help the inventors in the SBB Sandbox to develop products that you really need in your day-to-day life.

Have you ever asked yourself how some products and services that aren’t very useful make their way onto the market? It’s no wonder! Because services are often launched in a fully prepared state, without having been tested by you and other potential users beforehand. 

The SBB Sandbox gives bold pioneers the chance to have their unfinished products put through their paces in the form of prototypes – by you. Stop by Zurich main station, answer the entrepreneurs’ and intrapreneurs’ questions and help to shape the future.

Tell us what you think of the prototypes: “love it” (carry on as is), “change it” (something about it still needs to be improved), “leave it” (the world hasn’t exactly been waiting around for this product).

Have you already tried it? Where can you find the SBB Sandbox?

Due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus the SBB Sandbox will take place in spring 2021 instead of May 2020.