Offer unique moments – with the experiences and gift boxes mydays.

To please one's mom on the occasion of the Mother's Day, to offer to grandpa at Christmas, to celebrate the marriage of a young couple or to celebrate the anniversary of a brother or a sister: everybody is happy and satisfied to receive an experience mydays.

The experiences mydays are a proof of creativity, they match to those who receive them and they contain the promise of sharing good time - for a pleasure to offer and to receive unequalled. From a wellness stay to a special Dinner with the motto of “Crime Dinner”, without forgetting the unforgettable hike in quad and the typical workshop of beer brewing, everything is planned so that each finds some benefit there.

3 simple stages to get an experience or a gift box from mydays:

  1. Order an offer or a gift box here and give it
  2. The addressee of the gift confirms on
  3. The adventure can begin!