Reka Rail is the name of the means of payment for public transport, issued by the SBB and the other public transport enterprises, in conjunction with Reka.

The Reka Rail vouchers are redeemable at all sales outlets of public transport, as payment for all tickets and services available at rail counters. Also tickets for mountain railways, postal bus lines or lakeboats, as well as the SBB RailAway inclusive offers, can be paid with them. They are however not accepted for currency exchange and for conversion into cash money.

Also good for ticket vending machines.

The Reka Rail vouchers can be inserted like cash money into the slots of the SBB's new ticket vending machines (Touch-Screen type). A special marking helps the visually impaired in the use of the new means of payment.

Where are Reka Rail available?

Reka Rail are available at all SBB stations and at many other transport enterprises. Reka Rail are sold in values of 10 and 50 francs.

Reka Rail as a gift.

Whether as a birthday present, or on occasion of another jubilee, or just like that. With Reka Rail, you can make a present of travels by railway, boat or postal bus.

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