GTC SBB Customer Identification.

SBB customer identification is the fast and reliable service for customers and companies such as financial institutions.

Definition of Customer Identification.

Customers can be identified at SBB counters using the “SBB Customer Identification” service. Identification is made using an ID card in accordance with section 3. SBB carefully checks the document and makes a photocopy. The photocopy of the ID card is then stamped to confirm that it matches the original.

The service is provided for natural persons, who have to come to the counter in person. Using this service on someone else’s behalf is not permitted.

Data protection.

SBB complies with data protection regulations. SBB issues the “SBB Customer Identification” to the customer and undertakes not to make any copies for its own purposes. It undertakes to protect any personal details which become known to it and only use them for the purpose for which they were disclosed.

SBB shall not keep a copy of either the “SBB Customer Identification” or the personal details disclosed.

Special agreements with third parties that would like their customers to be identified using the “SBB Customer Identification” service remain reserved.

ID cards.

Forms of ID accepted by SBB are included in a list which can be found at or can be requested from a ticket counter.

It is the customer’s responsibility to produce the required ID for the intended purpose.

SBB reserves the right to reject the ID produced for “SBB Customer Identification” if it doubts the validity or authenticity of the identity document.

List of ID types accepted

Subsequent business relationships.

“SBB Customer Identification” does not provide the customer with any guarantee that a third party shall enter into a business relationship with him/her. The decision to commence a business relationship with the customer shall be the responsibility of the relevant third party.


The fee for the “SBB Customer Identification” service is CHF 18.


The customer shall be issued with a new “SBB Customer Identification” if it is improperly or poorly executed. Liability for indirect damage, consequential damages and loss of profit is excluded.

Changes to the General Terms and Conditions.

SBB reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.

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