Toilets at the station: We’re freshening things up for you.

SBB aims to continually improve the safety, cleanliness, service and comfort of the toilet facilities provided for customers at the station. To this end, and to make these stopovers – long or short – as comfortable as possible for everyone, our toilet facilities will be renovated over the next few years. 

In Olten, Schaffhausen, Uster and Regensdorf, SBB has been testing new, accessible toilet facilities during 2022. Customer feedback and experience from the operation of pilot facilities feed into the further development of the toilet facilities. The new toilets have been well received by passengers and they feel safe using them. Users also appreciate the touch-free operation of the tap and flush. Ultimately, this makes using the toilet even more pleasant and more hygienic.

Clean, safe and accessible.

The new toilets have been designed to be accessible. Warmer materials and surfaces which are easy to clean ensure greater cleanliness and hygiene. To ensure that you feel safe at all times when using the facilities, the lighting has been improved and the entrance areas are monitored. Depending on the number of passengers, passers-by and people simply going about their business, we offer three different services at our stations.

  • Entrance to hygiene area.
  • WC-Center.
  • WC-Center.

Simple cashless payment.

Prices for using the facilities are also being standardised across Switzerland. Straightforward cashless payments are also now possible at certain locations, meaning you no longer have to scrabble around for coins. Access to the toilet and hygiene area costs CHF 1.50 and showers cost CHF 12. Use of the modular toilets costs CHF 1. For those who wish to continue paying with cash, toilet entry cards with credit are available as an alternative. You can obtain these from nearby Selecta machines and at SBB Travel Centres. Cashless access is currently available at Geneva Cornavin, Lucerne, Olten, Schaffhausen, Regensdorf and Uster. 

We are delighted to be able to offer you this improved service at ever more railway stations and wish you a pleasant visit.

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