FAQ Western Union.

Do you want to know how Western Union works? Here you can find the answers to the most important questions.

How much does a money transfer cost?

Money transfer fees vary depending on the destination and service. You can find an overview here.

Where can I send or receive money?

You can send or receive money at any of SBB's staffed points of sale. You can find an overview here.

What are the opening times for the points of sale?

Click on the following link and enter your desired point of sale to find the opening times. You can find an overview here.

What details must the recipient of my transaction supply for payment to be made?

The recipient must have a valid form of identity and the following information:

  • Transaction number (Money Transfer Control Number – MTCN)
  • Sender: full name (from whom)
  • Country of origin (from where)
  • Amount (how much)
  • If necessary, the answer to the test question  

How can I detect fraud?

There are a number of different signs. Most cases of fraud involve asking you to make an advance payment. The following situations are an indication of fraud:

  • You are surprised that you suddenly have to send money for some reason.
  • You don't know the recipient personally.
  • You are instructed to give certain (false) information if the staff at the point of sale ask you anything.
  • You are pressurised or blackmailed into sending money immediately.
  • Someone you do or don't know e-mails you to ask for an immediate money transfer.
  • You want to take up an excellent offer (an apparent bargain) and have to transfer money in advance.
  • You have won a sum of money or a valuable item even through you haven't entered any prize draws or competitions.
  • Someone asks you to help transfer a very large sum of money. You've been promised a share of the money and you must make your bank account available for the transaction. Due to various expenses, you first have to advance a sum of money that you are told will be returned to you.
  • You've accepted a lucrative job online and receive money in your bank account with the instruction to withdraw it and send it on according to certain instructions.
  • You want to take out a loan with very favourable conditions but must first send money for some reason.
  • You met the recipient on the internet and trust this person. Suddenly, you have to send them a large amount of money.
  • Your pet has run away. Someone contacts you to tell you that they've found it and asks that you send them money for some reason.
  • You want to sell something online. Someone is interested in your offer but first asks that you send them money for some reason.
  • You've received a bank cheque that you must cash before sending the money via Western Union.
  • You want to buy cheap branded products, medication or health tonics from China online and pay via Western Union.
  • You want to buy a pet from abroad online and must pay for it, along with the associated costs, via Western Union.
  • You want to rent a flat (an apparent bargain) and have to send the landlord money via Western Union for some reason. 

What should I do if I think I've become a victim of fraud?

Contact our free hotline immediately on 0800 007 107 to stop the transaction. If it has not yet been paid out, you can retrieve the money.

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