Top up your prepaid payment cards with ease any time at an SBB ticket machine.

You can quickly and easily top up your prepaid payment card any time at an SBB ticket machine.

  • Top up your prepaid card easily by scanning its ID number.
  • You can use your card as soon as you have topped it up.

Current prepaid payment card providers.

  • Cornèrcard (with the exception of  ok.-Prepaid, Cornèrcard  Instant, and Cornèrcard easyTravel in foreign currencies [EUR and USD]).
  • Yuna To Go.

Here’s how simple it is.

  • Select “Prepaid”, ”Top up prepaid payment card” and “Your payment card provider”.
  • Enter the ID number of your prepaidpayment card or scan it using the scan function on the ticket machine.
    The MasterCard number cannot be entered. You can request your ID number from the payment card providers that have signed up for the service.
  • Enter your desired amount.
  • Once you have done this, a text message containing a four-digit code will be sent to the mobile number on file with your payment card provider. This must be entered on the machine to verify your identity.
  • Click on the “Next” button to reach the payment screen. You can pay in cash or by Maestro (EC-direct), PostFinance Card.
  • Once you have paid, you will receive a receipt confirming the amount you have topped up by.

The offer.

Top-up amounts Points of sale
Top up your prepaid cards at a ticket machine Up to CHF 1000 per day
Around the clock at all SBB ticket machines


  • A prepaid payment card accepted by an SBB ticket machine for top-up
  • In order to use this service, you must register your prepaid payment card as required by your payment card provider

Prices, products and timetables are subject to modifications.

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