Make payments for online purchases and bills at any time directly on SBB ticket machines.

viacash enables payments for bills and online purchases on SBB ticket machines.

  • Make payments for bills or online purchases easily via barcode scanning with cash or using your debit card.
  • The SBB ticket machine will immediately inform the invoicing party/online shop about the payment.

How it works:

  • Choose the “viacash” button on the display on the SBB ticket machines.
  • Scan the barcode on the payment slip attached to your bill or type in the barcode number.
  • The corresponding invoice amount can then be paid in cash or using your debit or credit card, in Swiss francs or euro.
  • After successful payment, the invoicing party will be informed of the payment in real-time.

The offer.

Product Invoice volumes Points of sale
Make payments for online purchases and bills on SBB ticket machines.  Deposits of up to 1500 francs per day  Available round the clock on all SBB ticket machines and licensed transport companies 


The online shop/invoicing party offers cash payment as a payment method.


Prices, products and timetables are subject to modifications.

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