Schengen travel insurance.

Individual and comprehensive cover in Europe.

In order to obtain a Schengen visa, a health care cost insurance with an insured sum of CHF 50’000 is mandatory. The insurance protects visitors from high costs incurred due to health problems during their stay in Europe. The following benefits are paid:

  • Reimbursement of costs incurred during visits to a doctor or hospital
  • Assumption of costs for curative measures incl. medication
  • Organisation and payment of repatriation to the country of origin

Premium Individual.

Sum insured in CHF 4 Days 17 Days 31 Days 62 Days 92 Days 185 Days
10 000 32.00 107.00 172.00 290.00 385.00 1065.00
20 000 38.00 123.00 200.00 336.00 446.00 1152.00
50 000 47.00 145.00 238.00 400.00 531.00 1256.00

Premium Family.

Sum insured in CHF 4 Days 17 Days 31 Days 62 Days 92 Days 185 Days
50 000 132.00 406.00 666.00 1120.00 1487.00 2828.00

Useful information:

  • Sales at SBB Station
  • In order to obtain a Schengen visa, a sum insured of CHF 50,000 is required
  • A deductible of CHF 200 applies per health care costs claim
  • Insured persons must not be over the age of 80
  • Available up to the fifth day after arriving in Switzerland
  • Valid throughout the Schengen Area, except in the country of residence of the insured person
  • A family insurance policy applies to a maximum of two adults and five children

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