Flight luggage from your front door with check-in.

We collect your luggage from your address and do the check-in on the day before your departure. You are also given your boarding card and luggage tag directly. You can choose a time window for collection. You collect your luggage at your destination airport abroad.

Alternatively, you can opt for express delivery, in which case your luggage is collected from your address and checked-in on the same day of your departure. In both cases this service can only be booked for flights with Swiss and Edelweiss. On the return journey, you check in your flight luggage at an airport abroad and we deliver it to your address in Switzerland.

Prices in CHF per journey. 

  • Luggage item with check-in on outward leg: 40
  • Luggage item on return leg: 24
  • Shipping flat rate for outward journey: 30
  • Shipping flat rate for return journey: 30
  • Express flat rate: 30