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Smart combinations for climate-friendly travel.

Convenient, climate-friendly door-to-door travel by bicycle, car and train.

Convenient, climate-friendly travel: SBB makes it easy to practise the idea of "combined mobility". Use the individual connection options to get to the train – and after your rail journey to continue to your destination

The products P+Rail, bicycle parking, Rent a Bike, BikeSharing, rental car and CarSharing are the ideal complements to public transport services at the initial and the final stage – from the starting point to the first public transport connection and vice versa. Using these services, you can optimise travel time, convenience and sustainability when taking public transport.

Individual travel to the railway station

By bike to the station.

Would you like to do something daily to improve your fitness? Then why not cycle from your home to the nearest station? We have placed more than 82,000 bicycle parking spaces at your disposal throughout Switzerland. Some railway stations even have a guarded public bicycle park or a lockable bicycle enclosure.

Take your bike on the train.

Would you prefer to take your bike along? Nearly all trains and postbuses offer self-service loading of bicycles. Alternatively, you can take advantage of SBB’s bicycle shipping services.

By car to the station.

If you live in a place without a station or other optimal public transport connection, but would still like to cover most of the distance by train: then you should try P+Rail. Park your car at the nearest station in a P+Rail parking space and hop on board the train for the major part of the journey. Thus you are also making an active contribution to reducing mileage on the roads from motorised private vehicles, along with CO2 emissions.

Individual onward travel from the station

Onward travel by car.

At the destination station, you can change easily to a RailTaxi, rental car or CarSharing vehicle for the final few kilometres, thereby reaching your destination comfortably and directly – even if this is not ideally accessible via public transport. These combination options are suitable for both business and leisure trips.

Onward travel by bike.

If you would like to go on a cycling excursion without using your own bicycle, practical rental bikes are available at around 80 stations run by SBB and other private railways in Switzerland as well as at 100 other locations, such as campsites and youth hostels – with rental by the day or even several days at a time. 

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