Cold drinks.

Now available as take-away.

Soft drinks.

Offer Price in CHF
Mineral water sparkling/still (5 dl) 3.50
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero (4.5 dl) 4.60
Shorley Apple spritzer (5 dl) 4.60
Rivella Red (5 dl) 4.60
Organic alpine herb ice tea (5 dl) 4.60
Orange juice (3.3 dl) 4.60
Valais apricot nectar (2.5 dl) 4.80


Offer Price in CHF
Feldschlösschen Original (5 dl)   6.40
Feldschlösschen Alcohol-Free Lager (3.3 dl) 5.40
Eidgenoss – Swiss amber beer (3.3 dl) 5.40
Das Weizen – The first Swiss wheat beer (5 dl) 6.40
Valaisanne Pale Ale 5.40


Offer Price in CHF
Baccarat Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Cave de Genève: This smooth sparkling wine from Geneva is a classic. It has an elegant texture and a full-bodied finish. Notes of white peach, pineapple and a hint of honey seduce the palate. 11.80 (2 dl)
39.00 (7.5 dl)

White wine.

Offer Price in CHF
Fendant, Coteaux de Sierre, Domaines Rouvinez (2.5 dl): A zesty, thirst-quenching Chasselas. It shines golden yellow and has an aroma of apricots sprinkled with honey. Velvety and oily at the same time, with a mellow lightness. Domaines Rouvinez is one of the best-known family owned wineries in Valais. 9.90
Belles Filles, Assemblage Riesling-Sylvaner & Pinot blanc, Cave de Genève: An aromatic white wine from Geneva that seduces the nose and palate with its rich fruity perfume. Reminiscent of blooming roses, nutmeg and lime. Light and vibrant. 5.80 (1 dl)
27.00 (5 dl)
Aigle, Merveille des Roches, Les Celliers du Chablais (3,5 dl): Chasselas is the most prominent white wine variety in Switzerland. Full-bodied and dry attack with notes of lime blossom and honey. Voluminous and elegant on the palate. A Vaud wine for relaxing and dreaming. 24.80
Expression, Pinot Gris, Cave de la Côte (7.5 dl): Fruity attack with aromas of ripe quince and apple. Full of ripe fruits and a crisp acidity on the palate. Smooth, lightly mineral finish. A vibrant, elegant Vaud wine. 36.00

Red wine.

Offer Price in CHF
Belles Filles, Assemblage Garanoir & Gamaret, Cave de Genève: An intense and complex red wine that reveals a melting texture and pleasant complexity on the palate. Dominant notes of black cherry, chocolate and a bit of prune. Gamaret and Garanoir are two very popular Swiss grape varieties. 5.80 (1 dl)
27.00 (5 dl)
Expression, Merlot La Côte, Cave de la Côte (2,5 dl): Delicate notes of black cherry and wild strawberry on the palate. This approachable Merlot seduces the palate with its unpretentious texture and velvety structure. The tannins are delicate and silky. 9.90
Swiss Discovery Wine (3,75 dl) 22.80

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