Up-to-date information on SBB Rail Catering.

In line with the current FOPH measures to contain the coronavirus, you must present a valid Covid certificate to visit SBB Restaurants.

Covid certificate rules.

Covid certificates are given to people who have either recovered from Covid or been vaccinated (2G rule). Covid certificates are only valid in combination with a photo ID (e.g. passport, ID, SwissPass, residence permit, driving licence). The type of Covid certificate you have will determine how long it is valid for.


  • Recovered: 180 days.
  • Vaccinated: 365 days.

Please show your Covid certificate and a valid ID to our service staff at your seat.

You do not need a Covid certificate if you are under 16 years old, purchasing from our takeaway range or passing through the dining car to get to the next compartment.

For more information, please visit the FOPH coronavirus page. Link opens in new window.

Other restrictions on rail catering.

  • For trains in Switzerland, the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) applies in SBB restaurants and SBB bistros, with compulsory wearing of masks and compulsory sitting when consuming.
  • On trains with two SBB Restaurants, one SBB Restaurant will be open at a time.
  • SBB Restaurants on the IC51 line between Biel and Basel are not currently in operation.
  • On international rail services, SBB Restaurants are open on the Swiss section of the route.
  • On the following routes to Germany the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) applies:
    • EC 6: Interlaken East–Osnabrück
    • EC 7: Osnabrück–Interlaken East
    • EC 8: Zurich–Hamburg
    • EC 9: Hamburg–Zurich
  • SBB restaurants are open on the Zurich–Munich route. In compliance with the legislation of Austria and the Free State of Bavaria, we are only allowed to offer a seat in our restaurants to recovered and vaccinated guests in Austria and Bavaria.
  • In Italy, the SBB restaurants are closed. Our dishes are available as take-away as well as in-seat service on the Italian section.
  • The opening of catering services on further routes in our neighbouring countries will be coordinated with and checked against the guidelines in the respective country.

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