Train characteristics.

  • Train category: EC
  • Number of trains/coaches: 15 (19 planned)
  • Seats: 430/unit
  • Low-floor entry: No

Operation routes.

The 2D detailed map of Switzerland shows the operation routes for the ETR610. The ETR610 fleet operates in international traffic from Basel SBB or Zurich main station to Milan via Gotthard. A second operation route also runs from Basel SBB to Milan via Bern, Brig and Domodossola. In addition, ETR610 trains operate from Geneva to Milan via Brig and Domodossola.

Service zones.

  • Mobile service
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Toilet
  • Restaurant Bistro
  • Family zone
  • Self-service loading of bicycles
  • Luggage

Photo Gallery.

  • ETR 610: Side view of the ETR 610.
  • ETR 610: Locomotive with slender nose in red and white.
  • ETR 610: Interior view of 1st class with blue-striped seats.
  • ETR 610: Interior view of 2nd class with dark blue seats.
  • ETR 610: Family coach with colourful folding table.

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