Main dishes.


Offer Price in CHF
Small side salad with mixed seeds. Choose between French dressing or olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 5.40
Cervelat and cheese salad 16.80
Caesar salad with chicken strips, grated Parmesan and croutons, served with Caesar dressing 19.80


Offer Price in CHF
Seasonal soup 9.40

Hot Swiss classics.

Offer Price in CHF
Ticino risotto 18.40
Minced beef with macaroni: Beef with fried onions, apple sauce and Sbrinz cheese. 19.40
Macaroni with vegan bolognese sauce 16.40
Macaroni with vegan tomato sauce 16.40
Veal Zurich style: Strips of veal in creamy mushroom sauce with spaetzli and carrots 26.80

International dishes.

Offer Price in CHF
Thai green curry with chicken and rice. 18.80
Seasonal pasta dishes: Fusilli alle Cinque or Penne al Pesto 16.40
Pasta e bevanda: Changing seasonal pasta dish with one soft drink 19.80
Italianitá: Small side salad, changing seasonal pasta dish, panna cotta and one soft drink 27.80

Slow Food weeks.

Offer Price in CHF
Platter of cheese from the Alps and the Emmental: Alpine Sbrinz and Emmental served with plum chutney and Valais rye bread 19.40
Platter of meat from Graubünden: Bündnerfleisch served with Valais rye bread 23.40
Slow Food platter: Bündnerfleisch, Alpine Sbrinz and Emmental served with plum chutney and Valais rye bread 32.50

For our younger guests.

Incl. 20 cl raspberry syrup drink
Offer Price in CHF
Pasta with tomato sauce and Sbrinz cheese 11.40
Minced beef with macaroni: Served with fried onions and apple sauce 12.40

Incl. 20 cl raspberry syrup drink

We use exclusively Swiss meat for our dishes, except salametti from Italy (appetizer platter).

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