Main dishes.


Your choice of Italian or French salad dressing.
Offer Price in CHF
Mixed leaf salad with nuts 8.90
Caesar salad with grated Parmesan and croutons, served with Caesar dressing 14.80
Cervelat and cheese salad 16.80
Your choice of salad can also be served with grilled chicken strips upon request. + 5.40

Your choice of Italian or French salad dressing.


Offer Price in CHF
Tomato cream soup

Hot Swiss classics.

Offer Price in CHF
Ticino polenta with ratatouille 18.40
Minced beef with macaroni: Swiss beef with fried onions, apple sauce and Sbrinz cheese 19.40
Hot smoked ham: Cooked Swiss ham with potato salad and mustard 23.40
Veal Zurich Style: Strips of Swiss veal in creamy mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes and carrots 26.80

We use exclusively Swiss meat for our dishes, except salametti from Italy (appetizer platter).

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