Hearing impaired. Mechanisms for hear-obstructed.

Induction amplifiers.

Many of our stations are equipped with assisted listening systems. The induction loop amplifiers are marked with a pictogram next to the switch. To make use of these assisted listening systems, users' hearing aids must be set to "T". Windowless ticket desks such as those in Bern, Gelterkinden, Weinfelden, Wil and some of those in Basel and Zürich Hauptbahnhof are also available to facilitate audibility.

Information services.

More and more stations now feature modern display panels and screens listing departure times, platforms and any delays. The screens also provide up-to-the-minute information on rail traffic at the station.

Operating information for deaf or hearing-impaired train passengers.

In emergency situations, deaf or hearing-impaired passengers who use public transport can request help free of charge via the "procom SMS service". This can also be used to obtain information about operational disruptions, i.e. delays and interruptions to services.

Both facilities – telephone assistance and the SMS service (SMS costs depends on your service provider's SMS charges) – are available around the clock in three national languages (German, French and Italian).

How does the "Procom SMS service" work?

Hearing impaired passengers experiencing a problem send a text message to Procom.

For German: 079 702 01 00
For French: 079 702 05 05
For Italian: 079 702 06 06

Procom confirms it has received the text message, contacts the transport company using a special telephone number, deals with the issue, and then gives the person calling a response.

Procom service is also available on the free App for smartphone Texmee.

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