International traffic.

Enjoy stress-free journeys, including to other countries. The SBB Call Center Handicap can arrange for assistance in boarding and alighting from trains at a large number of European stations. Simply give them a call at least 48 hours before your train is due to depart.

Reserving boarding and alighting assistance abroad.

  • Buy a ticket and seat reservation for your international journey (at the station or from Rail Service on 0900 300 300, CHF 1.19/min.).
  • Call the SBB Call Center Handicap on freephone number 0800 007 102 (+41 51 225 78 44 from abroad) at least 48 hours before your departure.
  • Reserve your boarding and alighting assistance.
  • Tell the SBB Call Center Handicap the seat and coach number for your reserved journey.
  • The “Important information” table will tell you more about the meeting point for assistance abroad.
  • Seat reservations are usually mandatory for journeys abroad.
  • Wheelchair users, blind persons and their companion do not pay order fees when purchasing international tickets.

You will receive special discounts in most European countries if:

From 11.12.2016:

  • From 11.12.2016, the Disabled Passenger's ID Card allows all users to bring a travelling companion or guide dog with you free of charge (fare condition TCV 710).

What discount will you receive?

  • You will be able to bring a travelling companion or guide dog with you free of charge.

How will you benefit from this discount?

  • Present your Disabled Passenger’s ID Card at the counter.
  • Buy your own ticket and a “free international ticket” for your route from a Swiss station (100% discount for a “travelling companion”, a “blind person’s guide dog”).
  • You must always be accompanied by your travelling companion or guide dog.

Where is the discount valid?

  • The discount is only valid for direct international tickets.
  • If a transport company applies market prices, then the international tariff TCV 710 will not apply. The prices and discounts are set by the particular transport company directly.

Further information: Rail Service 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min.) or at the station counter.

Informations importantes.

Please reserve your assistance for international journeys at least 48 hours in advance.

** When alighting: assistance comes directly to the customer's seat
Railway company
Arrival at the meeting point (in minutes prior to the train's departure) Meeting point**
10 The meeting point is on the platform next to the Mobilift.
Deutsche Bahn (DB) 30 DB arranges a meeting point with the customer (e.g. DB Information or the travel centre).

SLink opens in new window.ervice HandicapLink opens in new window.
Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF)

In France, the customer should proceed to the SNCF welcome point ("Accueil") prior to boarding.

At Paris Gare de Lyon the meeting point is the SNCF "Point d'accueil".

AccessibilitéLink opens in new window.

Trenitalia 30 The meeting point is the "Sala Blu" (where available) or otherwise the ticket counter or taxi bay.

www.rfi.itLink opens in new window.
Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) 20 ÖBB arranges a meeting point with the customer.

www.oebb.atLink opens in new window.
The Netherlands
Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) 15

NS arranges a meeting point with the customer, which is usually the NS Service Desk.

(except at Duivendrecht, Maastricht, Middelburg, Schiphol and Utrecht Centraal).

www.ns.nlLink opens in new window.

Société nationale des chemins de fer belges (SNCB) 15 SNCB arranges a meeting point with the customer.

www.belgianrail.beLink opens in new window.

** When alighting: assistance comes directly to the customer's seat

Disabled people from abroad travelling to Switzerland.

ID documents for disabled travellers issued abroad do not entitle their owners to any discounts when purchasing tickets in Switzerland. Disabled travellers from abroad can purchase discounted international tickets for blind and visually impaired travellers and travellers who use a wheelchair from their country of origin. This allows them to benefit from the discounts for the corresponding ID document.


Each country has its own rules regarding the transportation of baggage. Making a reservation for boarding and alighting assistance does not usually cover the transportation of baggage. This includes international journeys. Assistance is granted if travellers are able to transport their own baggage independently. If you are travelling with a lot of baggage, we would recommend that you also reserve the baggage service in advance.

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