The Lucerne station team.

The Lucerne station SBB Real Estate Property Management team will give you a warm welcome.

The Centre Management team at Lucerne station are responsible for making sure that you feel at home at the station. Werner Widmer, the Centre Manager at Lucerne station, and his team are located directly in the station. Our employees ensure that everything functions smoothly so that passengers, shoppers and tenants enjoy a pleasant stay at Lucerne station.

They take care of:

  • Commercial Facility Management
    (secretariat, administration, marketing)
  • Technical Facility Management
    (perfect functioning of all technical equipment such as escalators and lifts)
  • Infrastructure Facility Management
    (maintenance, cleaning)

SBB Police and trained security personnel from Securitrans also maintain a visible presence at Lucerne station. They are supported in their work by video surveillance, which ensures that everyone feels completely safe and that help will soon be on hand if necessary.

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