SBB Sandbox: information for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Put your idea to the test at Switzerland’s busiest station.

Do you have a project or product ready for launch? One that you think Switzerland really needs? Take the opportunity to demonstrate it to up to 100,000 people at Switzerland’s busiest station. Innovative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can find out whether they’re on track to the next big thing – or if they’re on the wrong track altogether.

Put your prototype through its paces in the SBB Sandbox.

Put your prototype to the test in the SBB Sandbox to find out

  • whether it works in real life,
  • whether people are willing to pay money for it,
  • whether your product is easy enough for customers to use,
  • which version of your product goes down best with customers,
  • whether the customer experience is the way you thought it would be.

How do I take part?

Apply for a slot if your product is not yet available on the Swiss market. Your product should ideally be aimed at a wide range of customers and be suitable for testing in an entertaining manner.

The Sandbox is not for holding sales events or pitching for funding. The participation is free. To apply, send in your registration form by 21 July 2019.

Registration form for the SBB Sandbox

SBB Sandbox.

  • What: public test platform.
  • When: 26–29 September 2019.
  • Where: main hall, Zurich main station; see station mapLink opens in new window..
  • Who: entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to try out their ideas on a wide audience.
  • How: apply by sending in a registration form by 21 July 2019.
Registration form for the SBB Sandbox

My Smart Station Zurich main station.

The SBB Sandbox is part of the “My Smart Station Zurich main station” project. We’ve honoured our bet with Digitalswitzerland and have turned Zurich main station into the most digital and personal station in the world.

The SBB Sandbox is supported by IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen AG.