Great, the bet is on! Zurich main station is becoming the most digital station in the world.

As part of the “Digitalswitzerland Challenge”, SBB has bet that Zurich main station will become the most digital and personal station in the world by 15 April 2019.

The “Digitalswitzerland Challenge” is designed to drive Switzerland forward in terms of digitalisation. To achieve this goal, business, the public sector and science are working closely together. As the digital transformation is increasingly affecting the processes and products at stations, SBB is taking an active role in this exciting challenge with its own bet.

As a champion of innovation for mobility, logistics, interaction, retail and catering, we want to show in concrete terms how the attractiveness of Swiss stations can be optimised for passengers and visitors through better data availability, the combination of data and the introduction of innovative technology.

How we aim to achieve this goal together.

Together with you, our tenants, suppliers and innovative partners, we want to launch digital and personal projects at Zurich main station by April 2019 that will further enhance the quality of your visit. For example, the “My station” app helps you to find your way around the station with ease and provides you with better information and services on all topics that are important for you as a passenger and visitor to the station. Get involved with this development and tell us about your idea, give us your opinion on current projects and take part in our big prize draw!

When will we have won the bet?

The challenge initiators and external experts will judge whether or not we have won the bet. We will have won if lots of projects continue once the bet has come to an end in April 2019, thus significantly contributing to the quality of your visit to the station.