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About Trafimage.

The name «Trafimage» is a hybrid of «traffic» and «image». Trafimage thus depicts themes and services associated with public transport and is available for almost all dimensions and formats. The uses of Trafimage and the range of products are constantly being expanded and developed.

The network map (structure and design) forms an integral part of SBB’s corporate identity. All documents are protected by copyright. They may not be changed or used for commercial purposes. Information and contact details for commercial use of Trafimage products can be found under «Uses». These documents, or excerpts thereof, may be used for private purposes only.

Do you have any questions about our maps and plans or suggestions for improvement? Or would you like to point out any errors? If so, please contact us.

Communicate using Trafimage.

You can also use the Trafimage system to communicate your own themes and content in connection with public transport. You can order your own maps and plans, or adaptations of existing documents.

You will find details of products and order processes in both flyers (only available in German and French).

If you wish to use Trafimage products for your own purposes, please contact us.


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