The meeting point is the station piano.

Take part and win a station gift card worth 200 Swiss francs!

Pianos have been available in several SBB stations since the beginning of April 2018. Take this opportunity and get your hands on the keys or enjoy the sounds in your station. 

It is very important to SBB that you feel comfortable in and around the station. Therefore we are providing clean and more comfortable stations with sufficient seating areas and good light and climatic conditions.

Answer the competition questions and with a bit of luck you'll win a station gift card worth 200 Swiss francs.


Calendar week Locations
41 Brig, Lugano, Lucerne, Geneva Airport
42 Brig, Lugano, Lucerne, Geneva Airport
43 Yverdon, Lugano, Lenzburg, Geneva Airport
44 Yverdon, Lugano, Lenzburg, Geneva Airport
45 Yverdon, Bülach, Lenzburg, Geneva Cornavin
46 Yverdon, Bülach, Lenzburg, Geneva Cornavin
47 Delémont, Bülach, Bern, Geneva Cornavin
48 Delémont, Bülach, Bern, Geneva Cornavin

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