Introduction of smoke-free stations with smoking areas on platforms and by entrances.

In November 2018, the Swiss Public Transport Union (SPTU) decided that the industry solution “Smoke-free stations with smoking areas by entrances and on platforms” would be gradually rolled out across Switzerland from the 1st of June 2019. 

Smoking at any station in Switzerland will only be allowed around ashtrays by station entrances and in smoking areas on platforms. The ashtray stands indicate the smoking area on the platform. The decision not to put any markings on the platform floor serves as a sign of respect, tolerance and “togetherness”. This nationwide industry solution considers the needs of non-smokers and smokers alike.

In 2018, SBB carried out a trial in six stations which was evaluated by comprehensive and representative market research: 75% of those questioned wanted the current smoking regulations to change. Customers wanted extensive non-smoking areas. They also said, however, that smokers should still have the opportunity to smoke in specially designated areas.

The new regulation increases customer safety and the quality of their visit, reduces the amount of litter produced by cigarettes and similar products in railway facilities and thus cuts the cleaning costs for transport companies. 

«Smoke-free stations with smoking areas on platforms and by entrances» will be introduced gradually.

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